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About Me

Hello, I am Roland Lapp and I am an industrial designer. I am based in San Francisco but I design wherever my feet take me. Yes, that includes in the shower and on the train with the miles between me and my desk increasing by the minute. I define myself as a contemporary modernist and often find myself walking the thin line between minimalism, practicality and the desire to just have life be fun.

I find inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places and no experience ever goes to waste. I grew up in an environment where the transition from rancher to professional was as simple as a change of clothes and I’ve never forgotten it. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and believe in hard work and leading by example. At the same time I value theory, research and history. I love to share design with others and having spent time selling designer house wares, I value feedback from all stakeholders in the product cycle, including the often excluded ones like retailers and distributors.

When I am not designing, I can often be found across the city reading and searching for the perfect cup of tea while listening to a funky playlist that ranges from Bob Dylan to European techno. The rest of the time, I spend sharing design and modernism with others, going to galleries, taking pictures and long walks.